Is it time to service your Honda?

How many people have told you that “Honda is the most reliable car on the road,” or “I never have to maintain my Honda, it won’t break.” Well, there is some truth to that. Even though the Honda Civic, Accord, CRV and other early models drove and handled like a cheaper-made vehicle, their engineering proved to be of lasting quality. That’s why we provide maintenance services for so many high-mile Hondas here at Steve’s Imports.

The best way to make sure your Honda keeps running strong is with regular servicing.

We can diagnose and repair any problem with your Honda while providing maintenance to prevent future issues.

What makes a Honda so reliable?

Honda Repair PortlandHonda has an incredible history as one of the world’s largest manufactured vehicle makes while focusing on longevity and more than ever, performance. Honda now has more models than I care to mention however I will get into just a few of them. Honda owners usually return to owning a Honda once leaving the brand because they are built to last and their reputation precedes them.

What are the most common Honda problems we repair?

Honda does like every mass produce product have occurrences of pattern failure. The Civic, Accord, and Odyssey have seen transmission issues that can cause lurching or slow shifting in specific models, and yes there is a fix for this. Excessive oil consumption is one of the more recent complaints found in V6 engines in the 2008-12 Accord, the 2003-13 Odyssey, the 2009-13 Pilot, the 2010-11 Accord and the 2012 Crosstour. Most of our Honda specific calls are usually rough running or a check engine light that is on , keeping a car from passing DEQ. Don’t let this stress you out, it’s usually an easy repair.

Just some of the Honda issues we frequently fix include:

  • Bad or failing starter relay
  • Transmission failures
  • Excessive engine/steering wheel vibrations
  • TPMS warning light is on
  • Tires are wearing prematurely/wheel balancing

  • Soft braking concerns
  • Excess consumption of oil
  • Check engine light is illuminated
  • Emissions problems
  • Oil changes and high-mileage servicing

If you are an adventure seeker looking to take your Element or Pilot into the mountain passes, swing it by real quick (preferably before you head out) so we can make sure it is ‘Honda’ worthy.

What makes Steve’s Imports the best local Honda repair shop?

  • Steve’s Imports has been performing Honda service in Portland Oregon for thirty years.
  • Our certified technicians are experienced in Honda repair including Honda Hybrid vehicles..
  • Our repair shop is equipped with Honda specific equipment for almost all Honda models including Accord, Civic, CR-V, Fit, Odyssey, Pilot, Passport, Element, Prelude, and Ridgeline.

We understand that Honda owners drive the Honda brand because you value efficiency and dependability. We value the same thing as you. This is why we perform affordable repairs and service while keeping you up to date on your vehicles needs. Our goal is that you can depend on us for great customer service every time your Honda needs us.

Your local Acura Repair Shop

Steve’s Imports has been performing Acura service in Portland, Oregon since the vehicles were first introduced in 1986. Dating back to the early Integra, we have worked on the entire evolution of Acuras up to the line of high-performance luxury models that define the brand today.

We treat each Acura that comes in like it’s one of our own, and our certified technicians will ensure that your vehicle lasts for years beyond your expectations.

As the luxury line of Honda, Acura shares the same quality tag of dependability that Hondas promote, and it’s quite common to see older models still running perfectly on the road today with over 200,000 miles.

What is the most common Acura issue we encounter?

Acura Repair PortlandAcuras are known for lengthy durability, although there is a common occurrence of early TL models experiencing broken engine mounts. While this is a rather inexpensive fix and not necessarily detrimental to the overall health of your vehicle, we can provide the maintenance on your vehicle to alleviate any potential concerns. The TL remains one of the most popular luxury sedans on the market. Along with the other current models of Acura in production, the entire line has proven itself well worth the luxury price tag. Steve’s Imports is also confident and comfortable working on all of Acura’s modern SUV lines from the RDX crossover to the new, larger MDXs.

Contact us today for all your Acura servicing needs!

Whatever Acura you choose to move you safely through the ever-changing weather and road conditions that Portland has to offer, we guarantee we’ll have your vehicle running at its optimum level of performance. You can feel confident leaving your Acura in our hands, and we take pride in knowing that you’re vehicle will handle just as great as it did the first day it rolled off the lot.

Call Steve’s Imports at (503) 771-6701

Some specific services we offer:
– Honda & Acura diagnostics – Honda & Acura brake repairs
– Honda & Acura fuel injection – Honda & Acura suspension repairs
– Honda & Acura body repairs – Honda & Acura clutch repairs
– Honda & Acura engine repairs – Honda & Acura timing belt replacement
– Honda & Acura engine performance repairs – Honda & Acura mechanics
– Honda & Acura service and maintenance schedules – Honda & Acura Alignments