Smart Car Repair Portland OR

Make the smart choice for Smart Car repairs throughout Portland.

Smart Cars are incredibly maneuverable and perfect for metropolitan areas. Just because you only do city or weekly driving doesn’t mean you don’t need a reliable Smart Car repair shop. At Steve’s Imports we deliver complete repair and maintenance services to keep your Smart Car moving. As a younger vehicle in the international market, we typically provide manufacturer recommended servicing for Smart Cars. Our experience with German vehicles and Mercedes-Benz, in particular, makes our technicians well equipped to meet your Smart Car needs. Whether you drive a Smart Roadster, Fourfour, or Fortwo, we have your vehicle covered.

Getting the most from your Smart Car means maintaining your great gas mileage.

We can keep your MPG intact with regular oil changes, alignments, tire balancing, and filter changes.

Daimler AG recommends that you schedule maintenance procedures for your Smart Car every 10,000 miles.

Just some of the maintenance procedures we typically perform include:

  • Check the body and undercarriage for damage.
  • Check hoses for tightness.
  • Check rubber boots and steering components.
  • Check engine coolant and replace if necessary.
  • Check belts for undue wear and replace when necessary.

  • Replace the air filter
  • Replace the brake fluid
  • Replace the battery
  • Replace the spark plugs
  • Replace the A.C. filter

Smart car problems that we have encountered and repaired include:

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The best way to keep your Smart Car in great shape is with active maintenance. As budget-minded vehicles it can really pay in the long run to avoid costly repairs. Simple services like regular maintenance checks, oil changes, and fuel filter changes can help your vehicle to last well beyond your expectations. As always, we’ll help you prioritize any repairs that may be needed, treat your vehicle with care, and provide the affordable Smart Car repair you’ve come to expect no matter what model you drive. Just call or contact us today to get started.