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Volkswagen Repair Portland
In 1974 Steve Spinnett, owner and founder of Steve’s Imports decided to officially open his VW repair business specializing specifically in air-cooled Volkswagen’s here in SE Portland. He originally named his business “Steve’s VW’, which was its first name. Eventually, a couple of very threatening letters from Volkswagen of America’s legal department caused Steve to change the business name to Steve’s Imports, which turned out to be a blessing. Steve restored well over 1000 VW Bugs, busses and Ghia’s filling up our property for decades to come.

Shouldn’t your Volkswagen mechanic be as passionate as you are?

Over the last 42 years we have seen the evolution of VW’s as the Vanagon, Jetta, Rabbit and Golf’s became increasingly popular in the ‘1980’s, and then the Eurovan and Passat which arrived in the early 1990’s. Since then we have serviced pretty much all makes of Volkswagen including the New Beetle, GTI/R32, Phaeton, Touareg, Tiguan, CC, Eos, Rabbit and just about every model of VW imported and not so imported to the USA. We have a soft place in our hearts for these types of vehicles. Our technicians are not only professionals but also passionate Volkswagen enthusiasts.

Our Volkswagen mechanics are VW gear-heads. We can repair any issue your vehicle has.

We’ve been working on VW’s since the early days. Get masterful work at affordable prices. Our mechanics love these cars as much as you do.

Volkswagen Repair Portland OR
VW Repair Portland OR

We love to talk VW with you! If you want to come show off that convertible T1 you have sitting in your garage, please come by. We are always making time to swap stories about “that time we camped in our Vanagon on the side of Highway 101 because our alternator burnt up” or “that time we cooked our motor racing our 2200cc bug” or “check out this 21-window bus we found sitting in a barn!”. I am sure you have a special story about your VW that still makes you smile.

Additional VW problems we commonly encounter include:

  • Falsely illuminated check engine lights in Jetta hybrids. We use cutting edge VW specific diagnostic equipment to correctly identify the code.
  • Coil failure in the Passat. This typically happens at 75,000 miles. We keep this component in stock and can typically fix it the day you bring it in.
  • Electrical shorts in the Jetta. These often happen after a vehicle passes the 100,000-mile mark. This can keep the engine from starting among other things.
  • Oil sludge in turbocharged engines. The oil capacity in certain turbocharged VW models has trouble handling the heat. This often creates excess sludge.

  • Faulty MAF sensor. This has been a running problem in GLI, Passat, Jetta, and certain Beetle models. We can diagnose the issue and replace your MAF sensor.
  • ABS module failure. ABS is a modern safety feature. It lets you quickly brake without locking the wheels. If yours is failing, we can fix it.
  • Fuel pump failure. A systemic problem in turbocharged Jettas, symptoms may also be due to a worn camshaft or camshaft follower. We can diagnose which.
  • Seized AC compressor. Because a seized compressor can spread debris throughout your AC system, it’s important to get this fixed as soon as you see signs.

Today in his sixties, Steve will challenge anyone, anytime, to a VW engine pull.

VW Repair Portland

VW questions are more than welcome and answers are free!

  • Have we experienced oil pressure issues on 1.8t engines? You bet we have.
  • Have we dealt with 2.0L TDI timing issues? Way more than once.
  • How about a check engine light with no fault codes? You guessed it. Absolutely.
  • You have no coolant circulation and no defrost on your 2.8l VW, of course we know what to do! Your ABS light keeps beeping every time you start your Jetta? That is an easy fix.
  • Do we have to pull the timing chain tensioners to replace the famous leaking tensioner gaskets? Just ask!
  • There are clicking slapping noise coming from your Eurovan timing chain? Time to relieve some tension, no pun intended.

We understand that VW owners like to be involved in the service process of their VW, and we respect that. Oh, about that pesky clicking noise in your Vanagon that gets loudest after your Synchro has been sitting. No worries, call us, so we can sneak-a-peek and be your Volkswagen answer man.

Some specific services we offer:
– Volkswagen diagnostics – Volkswagen brake repairs
– Volkswagen fuel injection – Volkswagen suspension repairs
– Volkswagen body repairs – Volkswagen clutch repairs
– Volkswagen engine repairs – Volkswagen timing belt replacement
– Volkswagen engine performance repairs – Volkswagen mechanics
– Volkswagen service and maintenance schedules – Volkswagen diesel

See what’s up with these valve adjustments, conversions to hydraulic lifters, timing belts, and chains. Line bores, machined flywheels, diagnose the “check engine light,” syncing the dual carbs—troublesome to you, simple for us. Most of all, you can be secure with us. These vehicles are like family, and that’s how we’ll treat yours.

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Steve’s Imports has been servicing and repairing Volkswagens longer than any other vehicles we currently care for; over 40 years. From the earliest Busses and Bugs to Golfs, Jettas, and Passats, we have years of hands-on expertise to keep your VW running for the long haul. With regular maintenance, a Volkswagen should be able to last for decades, and we’ll ensure that your vehicle lasts a lifetime before showing any signs of slowing down.

If you love your microbus like it’s a member of your family, then we’re the folks that will make sure it never breaks your heart. The same goes for that Bug that’s outlived all the other vehicles you’ve owned that could actually fit your whole family – Steve’s Imports will keep her humming through the next generation. Call or contact us today.

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We’ve watched the Beetle evolve over the years, remember in 1998 when the New Beetle hit the market? One of Steve’s happiest moments was when he surprised his daughter with a brand new (at the time) VW Beetle for her high school graduation present. Here dream car came true. It is very rare for a VW mechanic to buy a car brand new, but Steve wanted to make it a big surprise. Rebekah his daughter has since owned (and wrecked) a few VW Beetles since her late teens. What are mechanic Dad’s for? Just as we are experienced with fixing New Beetles, so we are comfortable working on a 1960’s convertible, as we are the latter water cooled Bugs, Golf, Passat, Eurovan, Rabit, Jetta, GTI’s and all that wear the VW logo. The Golf is still one of the most dependable cars on the market today. Likewise, we can keep that vintage Rabbit running up to par, just like a brand new Mk7. Perhaps safety and reliability has driven you to sell your old VW Bus and buy a Passat, or maybe it was something as simple as needing heat and defrost. Either way we can make sure your early or late model VW is roadworthy for the long haul. We are here to keep your VW experience alive for decades, and generations to come. We want to make sure that you get the driving experience, safety, and performance that your VW was designed to give you.