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10 Things you can do to cut fuel costs

  1. Tire pressure. Proper tire pressure will create sufficient surface contact between the tires on your vehicle and the road, and will help improve your gas mileage.
  2. Drive sensibly. Aggressive driving (rapid acceleration and braking) wastes gas. It can lower your fuel costs by 33 percent on highway driving and 5 percent around town.
  3. Remove excess weight. Avoid keeping unnecessary heavy items in your vehicle. 100 hundred pounds of excess weight could decrease your miles per gallon by 2 percent.
  4. Avoid excessive idling. Your car gets 0 mpg when idling. So avoid leaving your car running when possible.
  5. Scheduled maintenance. Service intervals are not just required to keep you vehicle from braking down. Staying up to par on basic maintenance will also improve you gas mileage. For example, worn spark plugs will cause misfires which then wastes unburned fuel, which is unhealthy for your vehicle and the environment. Tune-ups and other maintenance very on type of vehicle and engine.
  6. Over drive gears and cruise control. A great way to maintain low fuel costs at higher speeds.
  7. A/C off. If at all possible, and if temperature permits, leave you’re A/C off, an engine works harder thus burning more gas when the air conditioning is on.
  8. Re-routing. Plan out your trips so that you drive as little as possible and avoid taking long routes to your destination.
  9. Motor Vac. Today’s automotive technology uses such devices as the “Motor Vac” that will clean the intake system on your vehicle which will result in efficient engine performance and better gas mileage. Motor Vac’s usually run around $140 to $180.
  10. Up hill down hill driving. Avoid heavy or fluctuaiting acceloration when driving up hill. And practice safely coasting when going down hills. This is very valuable especially with driving here in the Northwest were there is many hills.

Today's resourceful energy alternatives:

  • - Biodiesel Conversions
  • - Ethanol
  • - Hybrids
  • - Solar
  • - Electric
  • - Hydrogen Powered Vehicles
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