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Are You Looking for a Car Mechanic in Portland?

There are several options when you need a car mechanic. You can take your vehicle to that friend who says he’s “good with cars,” and risk a botched repair job without any recourse. You can take your vehicle to a dealership and pay nearly double for every service they offer. Or you can bring your vehicle to Steve’s Imports for affordable rates and guaranteed work from one of Portland’s best car mechanics.

Need a Trusted ASE Certified Mechanic?

Our auto technicians are certified by The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, America’s leading training program for car mechanics. Is your local car mechanic?

What Do We Look for in Our Auto Mechanic?

Car Mechanic Portland
  • Experience, skill, and training. We hire mechanics with specific vehicle training. As import specialists, our mechanics must know their way around a BMW as easily as a Honda. We test their skills pre-hiring and provide continual ongoing training. That’s what allows us to work with classic air-cooled cars like a 1969 Porsche 911 all the way up to the latest Toyota Camry.
  • Honesty and personality. Steve’s Imports was built on the legacy of my father. He always shared his knowledge and wanted his customers to better know their vehicles. We look for that in our mechanics. That’s why you can expect a full explanation of diagnostic services, auto repairs, and maintenance procedures. We don’t just fix your car. Our job is to help you keep it out of the auto repair shop.
  • A passion for learning. Ongoing training is a must. We work with such a large range of vehicles. We want mechanics who always want to improve so you can get the best auto care possible. Our older mechanics always share their knowledge, and vice-versa. With vehicles increasingly dependent on computers and designed to be difficult for an owner to work on, having a diverse staff of mechanics and expert technicians elevates our work on every car that comes in.

What Else Can You Expect from Our Mechanics?

Car Mechanic Near Me Portland

Dependable diagnostics: Our vehicle service center is outfitted with the latest diagnostic tools. We train all our mechanics using new models as we put them into the rotation. This lets our mechanics quickly diagnose issues that go above and beyond your check engine light. We verify readings and independently inspect trouble areas. Pinpointing the problem is the first step for faster, smarter, and better vehicle repair work.

Long-lasting parts: We don’t use poorly reviewed parts. If an OEM part is best, we’ll recommend it. If an aftermarket part is available that we know delivers the same performance and quality standards as the original, we’ll leave the choice up to you. Not all part manufacturers are created equally. Keeping your car on the road means choosing a Portland car mechanic that uses the best available. It’s what we do because it’s the right thing to do.

Your Search for a Mechanic Near Me Ends with Us

Contact us today!

We frequently offer same-day scheduling. Just give us a call. From maintenance services to quality auto repair services our awesome mechanics can do it all! Our appointment setter will get you in as soon as possible under the care of the best mechanic for your vehicle. Better auto service and excellent customer service starts from the ground up. We invest in our mechanics, so they can serve you better. Our ASE certified technicians strive to create a stress-free experience for our customers.

What does a car mechanic do?
A car mechanic will provide all your basic maintenance needs for your vehicle, including oil changes, tire rotations, checking your fluid levels, and more.
What does regular car maintenance include?
You should make sure to always stay up to date with your vehicles maintenance. Regular maintenance services includes checking and replacing worn out components like lights, spark plugs, and brake pads. In addition, topping off your fluids, changing air filters and rotating your tires should also be part of your regular vehicle maintenance.
When should spark plugs be replaced?
The time frame for when you should replace your spark plugs is really dependant on a variety of factors including the year, make, and model of your vehicle which corolates to the type of spark plug you have. But on average, spark plus should be replaced about every 60k miles.