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Your local choice for a CV Joint Replacement in Portland

CV Joint Repair Portland

CV joints connect your drive shaft the transmission and wheels. The protective outer layer called the CV joint boot is your first and only defense against external damage. There are two ways that CV joints are typically damaged. You can even perform a quick visual inspection yourself. If you see and experience the signs of CV joint damage, don’t wait. Head into Steve’s Imports, the best auto repair shop to have a CV joint replacement in Portland.

Get your CV joint boot replaced before it gets worse.

Replacing the CV joint boot is much more affordable than the CV joint or drive shaft. Act early and save money.

What are the symptoms of a bad cv joint?

Your CV Joints are packed with a very thick grease. This protects the joint from wear and removes heat.

Finding grease around the joint or boot means your joint seals are worn, and that protective grease layer is leaking out.

Power from the engine is transferred through the driveline. The driveline connects to the axle, and the CV joint connects the axle to the tire.

Damage to the joint reduces that transfer of power, resulting in slow or poor acceleration.

When you have a compromised CV Joint, it won’t lubricate like it should. This allows heat to build up and can warp the joint or axle.

That typically results in an audible noise, and if your vehicle won’t move at all but will rev, the universal joint may have snapped.

Bring your vehicle in for CV joint repairs today!

We always perform a full CV Joint inspection and diagnosis before making recommendations. These recommendations depend on the extent of the damage to the CV Joint. That’s why it’s always better to bring your vehicle in sooner. Some of the most likely repair options include:
CV Joint Repair Portland

  • CV Joint Boot Replacement – If you have a torn CV joint boot or bad seals, our mechanics can repack the joint and replace the seals and boot with brand new ones. This is the most common problem with a CV joint in Portland, and the sooner you bring your vehicle in, the more likely this is all your car will need.
  • CV Joint Replacement – You’ll need your CV Joint replaced if it has warped or worn to the point where it isn’t transferring power or is affecting your axle. This requires complete removal and replacement of the joint and on some vehicles, the axle as well. We’ll go over everything with you before we proceed.
  • Axle Replacement – Your axle can suffer from serious damage if your CV joint goes bad. That doesn’t mean it will always need a replacement, but if it’s damaged, it will. A damaged axle will eventually break, leaving you stranded. That might be an inconvenience close to home, but can be deadly in bad weather or desolate areas.

Contact us today for a universal joint replacement in Portland.

A CV joint replacement cost is less than you think. The sooner you have our ASE Certified mechanics inspect your vehicle and repair it, the less likely you’ll suffer irreparable joint or axle damage. Our goal is always keeping your car out of our shop, and that’s what we work towards. Get the CV joint services you need. Call or contact us now for scheduling.