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Routine Car Maintenance Portland

Avoid expensive repair costs by keeping up on your maintenance schedule. We are happy to set up a custom maintenance schedule that fits your budget and keeps your vehicle running smooth. let’s make sure your vehicle is in good shape during each check up, just in case your dental visit is not.

Steve’s Imports performs all your scheduled services and we also send you follow-up reminders for your next service due!

7,500 miles
15,000 miles
22,500 miles
30,000 miles
32,500 miles
37,500 miles
45,000 miles
52,500 miles
57,500 miles
60,000 miles
***Some makes vary from this schedule.

What are the most common maintenance services?

Common service items include Air Filters which provide clean air to the engine, Cabin Filters which provide clean breathing air to the passengers in the vehicle, and the fuel filter which is also very important being that not all gas stations provide the same level of quality in their fuel. Oil Change services are very common and have become much more sophisticated with newer vehicle technology and are usually performed with other routine maintenance as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.
Routine vehicle maintenance Portland

Make sure you don’t overlook these critical areas.

Important service items that often do not get the attention needed are fluids such as Brake Fluid which should be flushed out every 3 years to avoid caliper and brake master cylinder failures. Moisture content builds up in brake fluid which is the leading cause of brake hydraulic failure. Another fluid critical to the function of your vehicle is coolant, also known as antifreeze. We strongly recommend flushing your cooling system every two years regardless of manufacturer recommendations do to the high number of cooling system failures that we see on import vehicles especially BMW, VW, Audi, and Subaru. Power Steering Fluid services is one of the most ignored services by import vehicle owners. It is not performed as commonly as brake fluid, oil or coolant, however it should be inspected during each service to make sure it is clean and not contaminated. Old dirty and contaminated power steering fluid can cause a power steering rack and/or power steering pump to fail which is a costly repair on most import vehicles. And lastly are transmission and differential fluids. Most manufacturers recommend these services near 75,000 miles. If you have ever been unfortunate enough to need your transmission rebuilt, you will truly understand the importance of having your transmission and differential serviced.

An important thing to remember is that preventative maintenance on your car, like anything else, will save you from having to spend lots of money on repairs down the road.

You do not have to take your car to a dealership to perform follow-up maintenance requirements!

BMW uses an Inspection I and an Inspection II

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