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Boise is an up-and-coming neighborhood located between downtown Portland and the vibrant Brooklyn District in the city’s eastside. This culturally rich area is known for its mix of historic and modern architecture, quaint cafes, and vibrant nightlife. Boise is home to a diverse population of students, professionals, families, and artists who all live together in a tight-knit community.

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The Boise District offers a variety of attractions for visitors to enjoy. Along North Mississippi Avenue you can find boutique stores selling goods made by local artisans as well as larger national retailers like Target and Fred Meyer. You’ll also discover several excellent restaurants offering classic favorites such as burgers and milkshakes from popular local spots like The Bye & Bye or vegan fare from Homegrown Smoker BBQ.

Those looking to explore nature can take advantage of the many parks located throughout the neighborhood – including Knott Park which has a playground, basketball court, and plenty of open grassy space perfect for picnics or sports games; or Laurelhurst Park where visitors can stroll through gardens full of blooming flowers or paddle around on boats in a large lake during warm summer days; or perhaps head to the recreational paths intertwined between I-5 highway bridges that provide breathtaking views of Mt Hood along the way!

For culture aficionados there are a number of museums located here such as Disjecta Contemporary Art Center that hosts rotating exhibitions showcasing works by local creative minds exploring contemporary art forms; or Portland’s Living Room where interactive media installations invite patrons to get involved with interactive experiences; or finally Museum Laboratory – an underground laboratory focused on scientific research conducted through experiments with elements never seen before outside of its walls.

Plus there are plenty more activities available – from attending live music gigs held at charming venues scattered around town featuring both world renowned acts as well as aspiring local bands starting their career path towards superstardom; admiring inspiring street murals decorating alleyways near Alberta Arts & Commerce district done mostly within night hours when nobody’s around; surprising your taste buds with some locally brewed craft beers offered up at awesome taverns tucked away in quiet corners around town serving up unique concoctions until wee morning hours…. All these experiences help shape and define what this incredible corner of Portland holds dear: Diversity & Culture!

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