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The International Rose Test Garden in Portland may not be the grandest or largest garden in the world, but it has a special charm and history that makes it well worth a visit. Located high atop Washington Park, this tranquil setting is home to over 7,000 varieties of roses, covering over 4.5 acres. Visiting the garden is an ideal way to relax and enjoy some of nature’s most exquisite floral displays.

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The International Rose Test Garden was founded in 1917 by volunteer members of the Portland Rose Society and has since become one of America’s premier rose gardens. Decades ago, these dedicated individuals tirelessly cultivated the area by planting hundreds of different types of rose plants from all over the world each spring. Today, those original efforts have paid off as visitors can now wander through winding pathways that wind through manicured beds and flourishing meadows bursting with color throughout the summer months.

From simple shrub roses to sprawling climbers, there’s something for everyone at the International Rose Test Garden regardless of your level of gardening experience as many different varieties are available to admire and purchase onsite! Boasting 8 acres full of rose-covered walls, pergolas & ponds – it truly is a sight to behold! Rose lovers will delight at viewing some unbelievable specimens including ‘Pinkie Doyle’ which produces clusters of clear pink blossoms – or perhaps one might prefer ‘Bewitched’ – a richly scented yellow variety whose blooms fade to peach as they age? Whatever your preference may be – you won’t run out of options here.

In addition to browsing over 400 unique varieties interspersed throughout hilly paths and groves – visitors also have access to several informative educational programs hosted onsite such as how-to classes for budding green thumbs or more casual lectures discussing topics like best practices for pruning and gardening tips designed specifically for growing roses! There are even occasional workshops available where experienced guides answer questions while leading tours around nearby sites featuring classic examples of gorgeous gardens put together by local experts like Mr Jens Jenson who famously planted rows & rows of lavender lined hedgerows across his property in advance of a rose show competition he had entered in 1973.

Finally, don’t forget to stop off at The World Peace Woodland – an interactive memorial dedicated to global peace & awareness located just outside The International Rose Test Garden! After all – what better way to honor those who gave their lives striving towards a brighter future than spending time surrounded by exquisite flowers representing life and beauty? So go ahead & take some time out from your busy day & come visit this much deserved tribute today!

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