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BMW Mechanic Near Me

For over 45 years, Steve’s Imports has been a trusted name in BMW repair service for Portland, Oregon, witnessing and servicing the evolution of BMW models, from the original 2002tii to today’s modern 8 Series. Our experienced team is knowledgeable of BMW’s developments throughout history and can ensure the longevity of your German vehicle. Whether it’s a timing belt change on your E30 coupe or main bearings on your latest M3, our certified technicians take immense pride in providing detailed care and expertise for any BMW model. Steve’s Imports stands ready with certified mechanics dedicated to maintaining and repairing BMW vehicles and offering exceptional service that surpasses industry standards.

Certified Mechanics for BMW Repair and Maintenance Services

We handle a comprehensive range of repairs for various BMW models, from those with over 100k miles on the odometer to the latest series. From tackling uncommon DME and DDE failures and AC system issues to addressing specific problems like X5 4.4l valley pan gasket leaks and N62 coolant transfer pipe leaks, our expertise covers an extensive list of BMW repairs. We prioritize thoroughness by recommending overnight cooling system pressure tests, ensuring precise diagnosis and repairs. Whether it’s replacing timing chains and belts on older 3, 5, 6, or 7 Series BMWs or handling cooling system maintenance for models like the E90, E92, E60, 3 Series, and 5 Series, our specialists excel in diagnosing and resolving issues like electric water pump and engine fan troubles. We understand the complexity of BMW engineering, carefully addressing each detail to guarantee quality service that aligns with BMW’s high standards. Our state-of-the-art repair shop utilizes advanced diagnostic equipment to ensure precise diagnostics and repairs, ensuring your BMW performs optimally at all times.

Cooling System Warnings and Failures

If your cluster lights suddenly shift from amber to red, signaling an overheating issue, it might stem from a failed electric water pump or thermostat, a frequent occurrence in models like the E90 and E60 BMWs. Cooling system related faults such as blown up reservoirs, broken bleeder screws, water pumps and cooling fans can lead to overheating, pressure build-up, and subsequent leaks which are commonly seen on BMW’s. While some mechanics may notice leaks without conducting comprehensive tests, our experienced BMW specialists discern the correlation between these leaks and water pump malfunctions. Employing a specialized bleed procedure, we rigorously test the water pump to diagnose issues accurately. Here’s a helpful tip in such a scenario:

  • Fill your vehicle with a coolant vacuum fill tool if available.
  • Turn your car to the on position.
  • Adjust temperature controls to the hottest setting and lower fan speed.
  • Press the gas pedal down for 10-12 seconds.

This process activates the water pump, generating noise and a visible stream in the reservoir. The absence of flow likely indicates a faulty water pump.

Off Board Diagnostics and Reprogramming

New model BMW’s have more coding within their modules than a 747 jet airplane. It is very important to have your vehicle diagnosed and reflashed with factory BMW equipment. Steve’s Imports uses factor OEM ISTA diagnostic and programming equipment to make sure your repairs are performed properly and your vehicles modules are updated accordingly to ensure there are no known module issues after a repair. Whether it be a fuse block or footwell module replacement, our equipment ensures all computers on your vehicles can-bus network will be reflashed to OEM specifications. 

Comfort Control Systems and Body Electronics

Your BMW is one of the leading engineered vehicles for comfort and technology. It is important that BMW specific tooling is used to properly service system components such as your adaptive headlights, ADAS related systems, and other safety and comfort technologies within your vehicle. A task as simple as replacing BMW’s battery has become a bit of an undertaking in newer BMWs and should only be performed with proper BMW computing. 

Oil Leaks and PCV Failures

BMW oil leaks unfortunately do happen. As seen in the BMW F30 F32 chassis we see oil leaks coming from the rear main seal which is often caused by a failing PCV system  (positive crankcase ventilation) which causes pressure build up in which oil is forced out of the rear main seal. Sometimes the PCV which is integrated into the valve cover, can cause a very noticeable whistling sound which is an indicator that your PCV. Another common oil leak found on BMW, often so on E39 and E46 vehicles is the infamous oil filter stand gasket. We recommend you have this inspected during every oil change.

Your BMW Deserves the Best

Steve’s Imports has remained dedicated to foreign car repair for over forty years, evolving alongside every beloved make and model that graces our shop. Our expertise and continuous adaptation have positioned us ahead of the curve, allowing us to not only enjoy but affordably repair your BMW. We’re more than just mechanics; we strive to be a wealth of information readily available for every customer’s inquiry. Our commitment to hands-on dedication ensures that every BMW we service achieves optimal performance, fostering long-term customer satisfaction. Recognizing the significance of regular BMW maintenance, our specialists deliver top-notch service, ensuring your vehicle maintains peak performance throughout its lifetime. Experience superior BMW maintenance and repair services at Steve’s Imports, where excellence is our standard and exceeding expectations is our commitment.

We understand your comfort is essential, so we offer a complimentary shuttle (ask for available shuttle routes and times), ensuring your convenience while we expertly care for your BMW. Our priority is your satisfaction—whether it’s routine maintenance, intricate repairs, or the expertise of our certified mechanics, rest assured your BMW is in capable hands. Schedule your personalized BMW service appointment today and discover the difference expert care makes for your vehicle.