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Import Car Repair in PortlandImport Car Repair Portland

Some people ask if there’s actually a real difference between foreign and domestic vehicles. While certain modern domestic cars may finally be starting to close the gap, imported vehicles still excel in virtually every category when compared to their stateside counterparts.

Reliability from Japanese models is still largely unmatched while the handling and style of European vehicles are typically considered to be top-tier.

As a result, most of our customer’s bring their car to our auto repair shop at Steve’s Imports to guarantee the quality they’ve come to expect from their import.

What are the most common import car repairs?

Scheduled Maintenance for Continued Reliability

For a lot of our customers, the decision to purchase an import was based on a need for everyday reliability.  That level of reliability is only possible, however, with regularly scheduled maintenance.  While no two cars are the same, there are some services that when done regularly, can ensure your vehicle’s continued dependability and avoid costly auto repairs:

  • Consistent oil changes every 5,000 miles
  • Brake, coolant, and transmission and differential flushes
  • Air and cabin filters
  • Scheduled check-ups and diagnostics

With a proactive approach towards monitoring the state of your import, the unbeatable reliability you expect can be counted on well into the future.

Premium Service for Premium Performance

The biggest problem with performance imports: They’re more fun to drive.

Which means that with regular use, the performance that driver’s come to expect begins to diminish over time.  Because of their more responsive capabilities, imports tend to get beaten up. Tightness in handling begins to suffer, which is then usually followed by less-responsive braking and weaker power output.

If performance is a priority, there are a few recommendations you might want to consider to keep your vehicle in top form:

  • Brakes and suspension
  • Throttle body response
  • Air intakes and engine cooling
  • Gaskets and seals

Bring Your Foreign Car to Steve’s ImportsForeign Car Repair Portland

Whether your import has been in an accident, is seeing some expected wear-and-tear, or you just want to keep it in sound driving condition, the ASE-certified technicians at Steve’s Imports know how to take care of your car.

Our team understands that even though our customers made the right call in buying an import, not everybody is a car expert. That’s why after every diagnosis, we sit down with you to clearly explain what we find and perform all work on your car with full transparency. If your import needs some expert attention, call or contact Steve’s Imports today.