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Your Trusted Mercedes Auto Specialist 

At Steve’s Imports, your reliable Mercedes-Benz automotive specialist in Portland, Oregon, proudly serving residents for five decades, offering unmatched expertise in Mercedes-Benz service. Our certified technicians, ASE-Certified and make specific trained technicians, specialize in maintaining and repairing various Mercedes models, from the classic 190sl to the evolutionary five generations of C-Class, E-Class, and beyond. We ensure every Mercedes vehicle meets manufacturer standards, leveraging our extensive experience with these vehicles known for their reliability. It’s not unusual to encounter a 1980s Mercedes 300D with nearly half a million miles, a testament to its endurance when serviced regularly. Count on us to keep your Mercedes running smoothly for a lifetime.

Certified Mechanics for Mercedes Repair and Maintenance

The expert technicians at our auto shop provide exceptional customer care while performing quality maintenance and repair for your Mercedes. We utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, following manufacturer standards to ensure premium service. Understanding the precision in every Mercedes, we meticulously address details, aiming for flawless and reliable operation of your vehicle.

Get Your Mercedes-Benz repaired and maintained at Steve’s Imports, including:

  • Comprehensive Diagnostics 
  • Expert Brake Repairs
  • Precise Fuel System Service
  • Thorough Suspension Repairs
  • Customized Service and Maintenance Schedules
  • Proficient Transmission and Differential Services
  • Skilled Engine Repairs and Diagnostics
  • Meticulous Timing Chain Replacements
  • Fine-tuned Engine Performance Repairs 
  • Specialized Services for Diesel Mercedes-Benz Models

Expert Mercedes Auto Specialist Services

Experiencing Common Problems?

Crankshaft Position Sensors: Common in early and late Mercedes models, these sensors can lead to frustrating no-start issues, often worsening over time due to overheating. These commonly fail due to heat, and can be difficult to diagnose due to the nature of the failure coming and going and not storing a fault code in your ECM. 

Timing Chain or Tensioner Failure: Catastrophic if left unresolved, these failures in Mercedes “interference” engines may lead to internal damage if timing becomes off. These issues are unfortunately becoming more common in late model Mercedes C Class and E Class.

Valve Cover Gasket Leaks: Leaks from plastic valve covers on newer Mercedes models frequently require careful repair to prevent worsening leaks.

Engine Oil Sensor Issues: While convenient for checking oil levels from inside the car, these sensors in Mercedes are prone to failure, leading to inaccurate oil level readings. It is important to know that most late model Mercedes do not have oil dipsticks and must be checked via onboard system.

Oil Filter Housing Gasket Leaks: Leaks from the base crankcase where the oil filter cartridge is inserted often occur in Mercedes engines, needing regular checks during oil changes.

Turbo Problems: Common in later gas Mercedes models like the E-Class, C-Class, and S-Class, turbo failures manifest as excessive exhaust smoke or odd noises during acceleration.

Drive Belt Tensioners and Idler Pulleys: Common wear in these components may cause rattling noises on startup and render the vehicle undrivable if they fail.

Suspension and Body Issues:

ABC (Active Body Control) Failure: Hydraulic system failure due to malfunctioning pumps or leaking components can lead to ABC failure in Mercedes.

Low Ride Height: Air spring leaks cause the vehicle to sag excessively, potentially wearing out the compressor prematurely. These issues can occur in any Mercedes with air suspension however it is commonly seen in Mercedes S Class, GL Class and R Class.

Automatic Trunk Assist Malfunction: Found in various Mercedes models especially the Mercedes S Class, trunk struts or control modules as well as hinge/regulators often cause trunk opening and closing issues as well as alignment issues

Electrical Problems:

Engine and Body Wiring Harness Failures: Moisture ingress into harness ends or sensor plugs can cause circuit failures, resulting in transmission or body control issues. Commonly SAM Module failure can be caused due to rain water intrusion. Common issue found in Mercedes GL and Mercedes ML vehicles.

Transmission/Drive Train Issues:

Flex Disc Failure: In GL-Class and ML-Class SUVs, failing flex discs lead to annoying vibrations at highway speeds and potential damage to the differential or suspension.

Trust Steve’s Imports for expert diagnosis and resolution of these common Mercedes issues, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your vehicle.

The Origin Story of Steve’s Imports

It all began with a call that changed everything. Steve, alongside his 14-year-old son John, received a ring from an elderly lady in Lake Oswego seeking advice on her late husband’s Mercedes—a car left idle in her garage. Determined to help, Steve immediately set out to assess the situation.

Upon arriving at her home, they uncovered the hidden gem—a dust-covered 1959 Mercedes 190SL, a coveted find for Mercedes aficionados and a thrilling opportunity for Steve’s team.

After providing an estimate, they brought the car into the shop and embarked on a meticulous restoration. What emerged was a stunning Blue 190SL, resurrected to its former glory. Overjoyed, the lady revealed that this car was the one her late husband drove on their first date, a sentimental piece of their history.

With gratitude, she settled the bill, accepted the keys, and in a heartfelt gesture, passed them on to her son—an important moment that fueled Steve’s passion for Mercedes-Benz and ignited the legacy of dedicated craftsmanship at Steve’s Imports.

Your Mercedes-Benz Deserves the Best

As your premier Mercedes mechanic, we understand the importance of convenience in servicing your vehicle. Offering accessible solutions and efficient service tailored to your schedule is our priority. Utilizing cutting-edge diagnostic tools, we conduct precise assessments and provide routine maintenance, upholding the highest standards for your Mercedes’ optimal performance. Our commitment lies in adhering to manufacturer standards, guaranteeing top-tier care that aligns with the exacting requirements of Mercedes-Benz. Our team, well-versed in the complexities of your Mercedes, offers unmatched expertise and dedicated care, ensuring the preservation of its engineering brilliance. At Steve’s Imports, we’re not just a mechanic shop but committed partners exceeding expectations with every visit. Experience superior Mercedes-Benz maintenance and repair services, prioritizing excellence and consistently surpassing your expectations. Contact us today!