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Pittock Mansion, located high in the West Hills of Portland, is a beautiful and historic place that is sure to capture your heart the minute you step foot inside the grounds. Built by Henry Pittock and his wife Georgiana in 1914, it has been in their family since then and has become an iconic landmark. This majestic estate is home to 25-acres of breathtaking gardens, walking trails, and forested landscapes along with a spectacular view of Downtown Portland below. Today it serves as a museum where you can learn all about its fascinating history, architecture and art collection.

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The house itself was designed by renowned architect Edward Foulkes who created a unique architectural style that blended elements from French Second Empire with Georgian Revival aesthetics. The exterior features a full mansard roof supported by several steeply sloping gables on both sides – while the interior features an array of intricate wood carvings, original artworks from around the world, handcrafted furniture all made from natural materials like ebony & mahogany wood as well as opulent marble floors & columns imported from Italy which are still preserved today!

As soon as visitors enter the Pittock Mansion they’re enveloped in elegance & charm – for example: visitors can take part in traditional English Afternoon Tea held on the drawing room terrace adjacent to the grand ballroom complete with live music and costumed attendants – or perhaps admire rotating special collections featured throughout the year such as highlighting Japanese Art Periods or African folk art while taking a guided tour through some of these amazing rooms!

Not only is there period appropriate decor available to explore but also outdoor spaces designed with various themes including rose gardens, waterfalls & fountains which showcase different species of exotic flowers alongside winding walkways lined with floral trees. There’s even space perfect for hosting events like weddings which offer incredible views of nearby mountains & valleys making one feel miles away from civilization – although Downtown Portland is just minutes away!

If this wasn’t enough already – Pittock Mansion also offers numerous educational classes for those wanting to learn more about gardening or historic preservation during select months throughout each year. During these programs guests have access to expert advice from knowledgeable staff members who have extensive knowledge related to different methods used within these fields. It’s truly an experience unlike any other for those interested in learning more about these topics in an intimate setting surrounded by culture & history!

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