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7 Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Check-Up
September 21, 2020
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November 17, 2021

Extend the Life of Your Car

Cars are expensive to purchase and to maintain. In fact, for most people, a car is one of the most significant purchases you can make in your lifetime with the exception of a house. Knowing the basics when it comes to car maintenance can save you a lot of money and time down the road when it comes to vehicle costs. Follow these vehicle maintenance tips to keep your car running well for as long as possible and avoid auto repair.

1. Inspect and Maintain Tires

One of the most important maintenance checklist items for your vehicle is its tires. First, you should ensure that your spare tire has enough tread and air in it should you need to fix a flat on the way to work. Then, you should pay attention to manufacturer guidelines when it comes to your car’s tires, especially tire pressure. Not all tires wear the same. That’s why it’s important to rotate your tires at manufacturer recommended intervals. Ensure that your tires are filled to the proper PSI and that there’s enough of the tire tread to operate the vehicle safely. If your vehicle’s tires have low tread or are improperly inflated, you risk severe injury to yourself, your passengers, and other motorists, especially if you blow a tire at a high speed, such as on the interstate. Ensure that your tire pressure is at an appropriate level to ensure safe operation of your vehicle.

2. Check Your Oil

Another important, yet often overlooked, vehicle maintenance task is changing your car’s oil. If you’ve been working from home, you may not have checked your vehicle’s oil in quite a while, but it’s critical that you keep up with checking the oil.Your car’s engine is filled with moving mechanical parts that need lubrication to work properly. Clean motor oil is vital to the health of your engine. Make sure to follow manufacturer guidelines when it comes to your motor oil and other fluid levels. Not only will you avoid costly repairs in the future, but you can save money on fuel with a better fuel economy.

3. Check All Fluid Levels

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It’s also very important to ensure that the rest of your fluid levels are sufficient for your car to operate safely. Make sure that your transmission fluid, washer fluid, power steering fluid, and your coolant levels are at manufacturer guidelines. Without a proper coolant level, your car could overheat (yes, even in the winter) and cause expensive damage to your engine’s moving parts. Washer fluid is important to keep your field of vision clear while operating your car which protects you and other motorists. Power steering fluid makes it possible for you to make minute adjustments on the road. Without a proper power steering fluid level, you could find yourself in a dangerous situation on the road, unable to steer away from potential harm.

4. Check the Brakes

Perhaps the most important parts of your vehicle to maintain are the brakes. You should ensure that your brake pads aren’t worn down as you can damage the discs. Additionally, the brake fluid on your vehicle needs periodic changing. Whether you need replacement brake pads or you need to flush your brake fluid, you can count on the professionals at Steve’s Imports.

5. Check the Belts

Your vehicle’s timing belt and other drive belts are critical to the proper function of your vehicle. These belts wear over time so it’s important to ensure that your timing belt isn’t worn or cracked on the edges (along with other drive belts). If you are performing routine car care and you notice that any of the engine’s belts are worn, it’s time to have them replaced by a professional mechanic at Steve’s Imports in Portland.

6. Pay Attention to Warning Lights

To keep your car running as long as possible, it’s critical that you pay attention to the warning lights on the driver dashboard. If any of the warning lights come on, such as the brake warning light or oil warning light, you need to ensure that you check for issues related to the lights. For example, you may just need an oil change but you could have an oil leak if the oil warning light comes on too quickly after an oil change. Avoid major repair and ensure that you pay attention to the warning lights on your dashboard and read the owner manual from your car manufacturer.

7. Change Air Filter and Spark Plugs

Air filters and spark plugs don’t last forever. Make sure that you change your air filter and spark plugs according to your car manufacturer guidelines. This way you can preserve your fuel economy and prevent costly repairs down the road.

How Can Steve’s Imports Help You?

Steve’s Imports is a locally owned and operated auto repair shop in Portland, Oregon.As a family owned & operated business for over 45 years we take pride in serving the state’s largest urban center. We understand the unique culture of the Pacific Northwest, and we strive to dedicate ourselves to providing the most excellent service.

We are a full service import auto repair shop that specializes in your European & Asian vehicles such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Honda and more! Your vehicle represents so much more than just a source of transportation. Whether your vehicle is brand new or seen the decades of age, we understand that it is unique to you so let our certified trained technicians take care of your vehicle.

Steve’s Imports also offers a full collision and restoration center, so let us take care of your fender benders and your old dusty projects that you haven’t had the time for. We truly understand the sentimental value you have with your car, and therefore we will give your car exceptional care! Call today for an appointment!